3 Things to Consider When Buying a Tactical Flashlight

One of the devices you should carry anytime you are going camping is a tactical flashlight. The flashlights are multipurpose and can be used for various activities including hunting, search and rescue, self-defense among others. View website to get started.

There are different brands of tactical flashlights in the market. The brands usually specialize in making flashlights for specific purposes. However, the flashlights can server multiple purposes. You should research well to find the right tactical flashlight for you. Here are some things to consider when evaluating potential flashlights to purchase.

i) How bright is the light?
Consider the brightness of the tactical flashlight you want to buy. Again, you should consider your needs. If you need a flashlight that can illuminate your house during a power outage, aim for those with 30-40 lumens.

On the flip side, if your goal is to get a flashlight that can temporarily blind and disorient an attacker, a flashlight that is over 500 lumens will be perfect. Keep in mind that the brighter a flashlight can get, the faster its batteries will deplete. Thus, even as you consider the lumens, think about the batteries.

ii) Power Source
Another thing to consider is the power source of the flashlight. Generally, you can go for a flashlight that uses disposable battery or a rechargeable one. Disposable batteries are the common AA and AAA batteries. However, sometimes you may find flashlights that use more esoteric types of disposable batteries. Make sure you have enough stock of the disposable batteries that your flashlight uses. This is especially if you will be gone way for a few days or weeks.

With flashlights that use rechargeable batteries, you don't have to worry about batteries. However, if you don't keep the batteries charged, they may not be able to power the flashlight properly. Generally, rechargeable batteries cost more than conventional batteries. Also, keep in mind that the batteries do not last forever. Over time, their ability to hold charge diminishes.

iii) Illumination modes
Consider the illumination modes of the flashlights you are evaluating. In the past, flashlights could only be switched on and off. However, modern flashlights have a number of settings that allow you to choose different illumination levels, including strobe. You may want a flashlight with strobe lighting if you will be using it for personal security. Visit this link for more info.

The above are three things you should keep in mind when evaluating different tactical flashlights to buy.